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About Us

Marymount Child Care Center opened its doors on September 3, 1991, with Sister Felicia Mann as the Director. Ms.  Michelle Kreiger was hired as the first full-time teacher.  In September 2007, Sister Felicia Mann retired after many hard worked years of service to Marymount Child Care Center.  Sister Dorothy Ann Krolikowski took over as the Director of Marymount Child Care Center. In September of 2013, Sister Dorothy Ann Krolikowski retired with Ms. Michelle Kreiger taking over as Director.  In October of 2022, the Congentional Home for the Sisters closed and  Marymount Child Care Center took over the space at The Learning Circle at Jennings.

The Center serves children 6 weeks to 12 years of age.


Marymount Child Care Center is designed to allow each child to build a positive and satisfying self concept, to achieve an increasing degree of independence and self-reliance, to develop a sense of responsibility for self and others, to learn to give and receive affection, to respect the rights and privileges of others and to learn to aquire and share certain cognitive skills.


Marymount Child Care Center is dedicated to assisting parents/guardians in leading their children to Christian maturity.  It is designed to foster development of the whole child.  Staff members strive to provide an environment in which each child can find comfort, acceptance and love.  A variety of opportunities for movement, exploration and self-discovery are provided for each child's needs and abilities.


Marymount Child Care Center strives to develop a partnership with every family and works together to support each childs development and learning.  We get to know families and welcome them, communicate with them regularly, partner with them on the child's learning, and respond to challenging situations.

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